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Grilled Cheese Rolls ~ A Fun Spin on an American Classic!

Dip these simple Grilled Cheese Rolls in a bowl of piping hot tomato soup or ramekin of your favorite marinara ~ and I dare you ~ I dare you to eat just one!

All you’ll have to do is… cut the crusts off your bread, here I used a soft wheat. Flatten your crustless bread squares with a rolling pin and then top with one piece of American Cheese (do not be tempted to use more cheese, in this case one is enough) Here I used fresh, deli sliced, Land O’Lakes yellow American Cheese - YUM!

Roll your cheese squares up and then cook them in a pan with melted butter over medium heat (SEAM SIDE DOWN FIRST TO SECURE THEM)  (rolling occasionally in the buttered pan to crisp all sides)  until cheese is melted, about 5 minutes. Remove from the pan and your Grilled Cheese Rolls are ready to enjoy!

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